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Growing green.

Australia’s No.1 plant-based meat brand had quickly shot to the top, but in a fast growing category, staying ahead was going to take more.

v2food loves meat. So much so, they’re are on a mission to make meat delicious, nutritious and sustainable for generations to come. This meant developing plant-based alternatives and since starting up in 2019 their growth has been rapid, becoming Australia’s No.1 plant-based meat brand.

But planning for more rapid growth at home and abroad in an increasingly competitive environment, they knew what got them here was not going to get them there. Taking plant-based meat into the mainstream meant we would need to break down barriers to trial. We had to lead with taste. We needed to start a tasty new food movement.

Appetite appeal lies at the heart of this brand and packaging refresh, appealing to a progressive mainstream audience looking to reduce meat intake by substitution, or cater for the whole family’s needs with the rise of young vegans and vegetarians.

Taking the brand globally also fuelled the need for more distinctive brand assets. Retaining current assets like the logo and colour palette, we developed new ones including the green V which provides remarkable standout at shelf, linking digital and out-of-home communications to store.


Disegno took time to understand our evolving category landscape, delivered a huge improvement to how our products show up on shelf, and created powerful distinctive assets for use through multiple touchpoints.

/ Andrew May Chief Growth Officer