We’re an independent, Melbourne-based, strategic and creative brand design agency. Champions of effective design, we’ve shaped the future of some of Australia’s most successful and recognisable brands through brand strategy, design, packaging and communications.

/ Authentico. Classico. Delicioso. Disegno.

Our name is not a typo. It’s the Latin word for design [di’zeŋ.ŋo], but more interestingly a tribute to our founding client, Leggo’s, and the language we created for them which still lives on today.

/ Ten thousand, nine hundred and fifty days.

We’ve been doing this for a while. Something like three decades (but who’s counting?). To give you some context, we introduced hummus to the Australian market! With so much work, there’s never enough time to talk about everything we’d love to talk about. Feel free to just ask us about it – we’ll talk your ear off.

/ All clients, big and small.

From iconic brands to start-ups, we’ve worked with a broad spectrum of clients. Using our collective experience, we can practically turn our hand to any category, but here’s some things we really know well. FMCG. Private label. Alcoholic beverages. Services. Industrial and commercial sectors. Building and construction. Banking and finance.

/ We have a bunch of really talented people.

Strategists. Creatives. Designers. Art Directors. Copywriters. Illustrators. Stylists. Photographers. Photo Retouchers. Finished Artists. Producers. Animators. 3D Specialists. Project Management Pros. Entrepreneurs. Artists. Doers.