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Reinventing a confectionery icon.

New brand owners had ambitious growth plans for Darrell Lea. Our challenge was to reinvent a brand that was famous for invention.

Darrell Lea had been inventing and re-inventing, challenging and discovering since 1927 with favourites like Rocklea Road and Batch 37 Soft Liquorice. In its heyday, Australians flocked to Darrell Lea stores in droves, but the once enigmatic Australian confectionery icon had lost its way and become pigeon-holed as dad’s chocolate. All that needed to change.

We looked back to go forward. What was it that made Darrell Lea unique? Imagination. Generosity. A passionate creator with a unique Aussie twist of larrikinism. With the closure of its iconic shopfronts, we also wanted to bring the in-store experience to life on retail shelves.

A modern, signature logo personalises the brand and adds authenticity. Craft paper and unmissable diagonal coloured stripes create visibility and evoke a traditional confectionery store experience, while a placard provides an architecture for expansive product range growth.

Launching chocolate blocks bursting with generous inclusions, moving to Palm Oil Free products, partnering with Cocoa Horizons and changing Liquorice Allsorts to ‘Loves’ Allsorts to celebrate diversity and inclusion all reaffirm Darrell Lea as Australia’s modern confectionery icon.


Disegno proves that you don’t have to be big to be good… they’ve got weight.

/ Tim Stanford Marketing Director