Vegemite Blend 17


Packaging Design, Product Development



Bolder. Richer. Stronger.

In 1923, Cyril P. Callister experimented with many blends before arriving at the unique taste that would go on to become an intrinsic part of Australian culture, Vegemite.

Vegemite Blend 17 has been inspired by some of Callister’s earlier recipes and delivers a richer, bolder taste for lovers of Vegemite everywhere.

Packaging for the limited edition of 450,000 jars is still uniquely Vegemite in look and feel, but employs a gold foil label and outer carton to truly make this a collectors edition.

Vegemite’s first major product innovation in 8 years has certainly caught the attention of the Australian press and social media… a launch that will be remembered in Australian history for generations.