JG King – Step Up to Steel


When John King started building homes in 1985, he made a decision for the future. He made a decision to build exclusively with BlueScope steel frames, not timber. Simply put, we don’t build ships or bridges with timber anymore, so why do we still build residential homes with timber frames? Steel has so many benefits over timber, like straighter walls, a higher resistance to termites, fire and more. In a homogeneous and style driven category, our opportunity was to get potential customers questioning their building material.


Our creative needed to make an impact. ‘Opposites’ would dramatise the difference between timber and steel, while asking potential customers (and the wider public) to choose a side where there was a clear winner. The creative was executed across various examples like wrestlers, dogs, model homes and the list goes on.


JG King is Australia’s number one steel frame builder and now the 5th largest builder in Victoria.

Timber vs Steel Dogs TVC

Timber vs Steel Wrestlers TVC

Timber vs Steel Meccano TVC