Sirena Tuna Ready-to-Eat Packaging


Illustration, Packaging Design


Pasta, Ready-to-eat, Sirena, Tuna




Sirena Tuna’s iconic yellow cans and mermaid stand for authentic taste and quality in a commoditised category. With consumer demand increasing for prepared meal solutions, Sirena’s ready-to-eat packaging wasn’t standing up above the commodity crowd that focussed mainly around convenience rather than taste. Our challenge was to reinvigorate the range, making it distinctively different… making it distinctively Sirena.


Simplicity and freshness are at the heart of Mediterranean food culture. Sirena’s firm, textured yellowfin tuna was something we wanted to hero amongst a range of favourites like Sicilian Pasta and new flavours like Quinoa & Kale.

We embraced the idea that you eat with your eyes, and developed a visual idea that was sympathetic to the new structural packaging format. Aerial bowl photography allows you to literally see through the pack to appetising colours and textures, while a quality seal device provides the canvas for brand and varianting. New ingredient illustrations, beautifully hand crafted in traditional watercolour, bring a sense of authenticity and work seamlessly with La Sirena (the mermaid).