Red Island


Red Island is one of Australia’s favourite extra virgin olive oil brands. However, with competition mounting from established, imported European brands as well as premium Australian brands, Red Island was loosing relevance. The business owners were passionate about innovation and launching a PET bottle into the category. Our challenge was to launch a format of perceived value into a heavily premiumised category, with the opportunity of re-defining not only the brand, but the category.


Our insight was that Red Island was a new world brand operating in an old world category. The brand had permission to be free and inventive, appealing to a new, more youthful audience. Our bottle design was inspired by tradition, delivered with a modern twist, achieving a fine feminine/masculine balance. Packaging communication strongly leverages the more traditional Red Island glass offering, but with full shrink-sleeve, enables the proud and bold bill-boarding of the logo, with aerial photography of the olives delivering freshness and natural cues.