Philadelphia Cream Cheese


Brand Identity, Packaging Design


Cream Cheese, Disegno, Logo Design, Our signature taste, Packaging Design, Philadelphia, Philly


Mondeléz International


For many consumers, there is only one cream cheese – and that is Philadelphia. But a number of factors were starting to effect performance. While the brand had long since moved on from its angelic, diet positioning and into a more foodie space, packaging wasn’t telling the same story with its heavenly beams of light and heavy emphasis on fat free claims. As a result of this visual architecture, shop-ability was compromised and confusing. Along with an increasing threat from private label, it was time to evolve and reaffirm Philly’s position as undisputed category leader.


We looked back to Philly’s 1880 New York origins, to discover the secret to its success being a signature taste that set it apart from it’s competition. We challenged visual equities and evolved the logotype, removing its ‘cleaner characteristics’ and building in softer dairy cues. Heavenly rays made way for modern simplicity as did full pack variant colours in favour of a brand blocking silver, resulting in a much stronger and confident brand presence supporting ‘Our Signature Taste’.