Our building history



Within three years of settlement, Thomas Capel was selling locally brewed beer from Melbourne’s Yarra wharves. By 1850 there were seven breweries operating in Melbourne and in 1857, Nicholas and Edward Fitzgerald started the Castlemaine Brewery in Castlemaine, central Victoria. By 1871, with J.B Perrins as Managing Director, they commenced Castlemaine Brewery operations in Melbourne on the north side of Queensbridge Street (then Moray Street North, or better known today as The Kingsway). These were prosperous, boom years for the brewing industry thanks to the development of a gravity-fed process. A result of the new process was the construction of several multi-storey Brew Towers around Melbourne including Queensbridge Street, Southbank and Langridge Street, Collingwood – the tallest buildings in Melbourne at the time. In 1878, the Fitzgerald brothers expanded operations yet again, purchasing a distillery in the Brisbane suburb of Milton and converting it into a brewery which would go onto become Castlemaine Perkins. Melbourne’s Castlemaine Brewery amalgamated with the Carlton, McCracken’s, Foster’s and Shamrock Breweries in 1907 to form Carlton & United Breweries with 129 Queensbridge Street being sold off in the 1930’s. Disegno has called 129 Queensbridge Street home since 1996.