Geoff Searl is a man who knew what horse enthusiasts were looking for. He knew that if well looked after, leather would last a lifetime. That’s why he developed Oakwood Leather Conditioner. Made from natural Australian ingredients like eucalyptus oil, beeswax and emu oil, Oakwood soon became a hit with the local polo community as it was the only product that wouldn’t rub off onto their white pants. Since then the Oakwood product range has expanded across multiple categories and the business is now led by Geoff’s three sons who continue to deliver on his vision.


People are very cautious when it comes to leather care as the wrong product can prove to be harmful. To overcome this barrier, we drew inspiration from the skin care category to develop the Oakwood Complete Care System – Clean, Condition and Maintain. The system delivers on the brands new positioning, The Perfect Finish Made SimpleTM, while the new brand identity, packaging and communications have created the foundation from which Oakwood can now innovate from and grow their brands offering as well as geographical reach.


Year-on-year, double digit business growth with sales from Scone to Shanghai.

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