When we started working with Luv-a-Duck in 2001, their vision was simple – to put duck on the menu of Australia. While this vision hasn’t changed, a lot else has. Our journey with Luv-a-Duck has presented a vast number of opportunities like developing their foodservice business, launching a new category into grocery and exporting to the world. However the biggest opportunity has been the chance to grow and develop both of our businesses in partnership over more than 15 years.


More than solutions, our experience has been understanding the cultural context of duck in Australia, the importance of education and patience. We’ve developed communications for the trade, introduced ready prepared duck kits for apprehensive grocery buyers and introduced Justine Schofield as brand ambassador, helping to take Luv-a-Duck from a 15,000 duck per week business to over 150,000 per week.


Australia’s most loved duck brand.