Luv-a-Duck Dux Kitchen with Adam D’Sylva

Social Media Campaign Content


Luv-a-Duck is Australia’s largest provider of duck meat. But Australians tend to think of duck as a ‘fancy’ ingredient, out of reach of everyday home cooks and more complicated than the closest alternative, chicken.

We needed to dispel these myths and and change the way people see duck – from baffling and expensive, to accessible gourmet.


We leaned into duck’s fancy image.

We created a pop-up concept restaurant where each dish in the eight course degustation explored a different aspect of duck. The swanky affair was attended by Melbourne’s biggest food industry figures. Hosted by celebrity chef Adam D’Sylva in the heart of the city for one night only, it was set to be the hottest culinary event on the calendar.

But what they didn’t know was that behind the scenes, the kitchen was staffed entirely by amateur home cooks.


In partnership with Engage@Disegno, we built the restaurant experience from the ground up, designed to evoke the kind of glamour and fanfare befitting a hotly anticipated event on Melbourne’s culinary calendar.

Across four days, we shot a whole campaign, showcasing our amateur chefs, the stunning dishes they prepared under Adam D’Sylva’s guidance, and of course, the event night itself. We followed their journey from complete novices to cooking for Melbourne’s culinary elite. Finally, we revealed the surprise to attendees at the event. All of this content went out simultaneously over social media, surprising everyone as they learned that the delicious dishes that made their mouths water could be made by anyone, right at home. All to prove that duck makes gourmet cooking easier than you think – even if you’ve never cooked it in your life!