Kraft Nut Spreads


Kraft Peanut Butter is the brand generations of Australian’s have grown up with and the number one player in the peanut spreads category. However, with success can come growing pains and the expansive range had become difficult to shop. With even more new product development planned, now was the time to re-align and optimise packaging across the whole portfolio and launch the new alternate nuts range including a Hazelnut Spread that would take on market leader, Nutella.


Our insight was that Kraft Peanut Butter was an iconic brand to Australians, however it wasn’t behaving like one. Our approach was to simplify the packaging communication by enhancing key visual equities and creating a clear communication hierarchy that would work across the entire portfolio (and beyond). Subtle but significant changes in aesthetic also helped in developing a brand with more natural credentials, supporting the move into the alternate nut space.


The Kraft Hazelnut Spread quickly established itself as the number two player in alternate nut spreads.