Bega Cheese


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Bega, Cheese


Fonterra Brands Australia


The cheese category in Australia was changing. Pressure was growing from private label at the value end, while New Zealand and Tasmanian brands had established premium status through provenance. The opportunity was to reposition Bega, giving it renewed purpose and relevance to everyday Australians.


‘Real Town. Real Cheese’. Our visual solution was pride. Brand proud. Bold colour palette. Not afraid of speaking to authenticity by putting Bega’s real farmers at the front of the communication. We ventured to Bega, met, got to know and shot the real farmers over a number of days. The project not only gave Australia a new found love for Bega, but it also gave Bega a new found pride in themselves. That’s authenticity.


Australia’s new number one mainstream cheese brand.

Bega is Australia’s best selling brand of cheese in both volume and value and is bought by more Australian households and bought more often than any other brand. Maintaining and promoting the brand’s local identity has been a critical part of the brand’s success.

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