Baileys Ice Cream


Animation, Campaigns, Digital, Photography, Print


Bulla Dairy Foods/Diageo


Baileys and ice cream – together at last. While people had been serving it at home for decades, it was a collaboration between Bulla and Diageo that realised it as a product for the Australian market. In a category where significant growth was coming from the gourmet segment with brands like Connoisseur, Ben & Jerry’s and Maggie Beer, the opportunity for Baileys Ice Cream was to raise the bar, creating a new uber-premium tier in the category while also positively changing the ice cream occasion for a new female audience.


The creative opportunity was immense. We needed to embrace the Baileys brand character and alcoholic occasion, while delivering it in a language that would live in the world of ice cream. Our solution Best Served with Friends cast Baileys Ice Cream in the same social experience that the alcoholic category is so well known for, while the decadent, indulgent and highly restrained photography and styling delivers a truly seven-star ice cream experience.


Demand outweighed supply and Baileys Ice Cream sold out before Christmas.