Asia Specialties


Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Photography


Aldi Stores Limited

Growing pains

Did you know that Pad Thai now outsells Pizza as Australia’s number one take-away meal? That’s right. It’s no surprise that Asian is the fastest growing cuisine in Australia. Since the launch of Asia Specialties in Australia, product range growth, including the new boom in Vietnamese and Korean, meant that the visual architecture was not making it easy for shoppers to find what they were after anymore. Our challenge was to maintain enough brand uniformity while simultaneously providing enough visual differentiation for the shopper. The solution lay in simple, yet significant design changes that would deliver to the newly developed range architecture and visual strategy by use of colour, texture, styling and typography. We also took this opportunity to build in a heightened level of authenticity to better connect with shoppers.


The new Asia Specialties range has recently re-launched at Aldi