Getting the most from your agency?

Every client-agency relationship depends on the strength of commitment from each side. Both you and your agency need to be side-by-side, stepping in and out of each other’s shoes. Check for these signs to find out if your agency relationship is rock solid–because if any are missing, you might have a hard conversation ahead.


Common Ground

This is probably the most fundamental thing to look for just to have a conversation, let alone a productive partnership that lasts whole careers. Having shared values–the closer the better–ensures a level of trust you simply can’t do without. It goes both ways, too. You need to trust the agency with your brand, and they need to trust you with great, but frequently fragile ideas.


Industry Veterancy

Of course, you need someone who knows what they’re doing. An agency that’s seen it all is leaps and bounds ahead of one that promises it all. And with the explosion of technologies showing no signs of slowing, someone who can confidently navigate the future will be indispensable.


Simple Truths

Your agency needs to have a vision for your brand. Agencies who haven’t got it right are prone to dressing their work up in anything they can find. Questionable research, flamboyant visuals, and obscure jargon are first on the list. You should be able to easily find the brand truth in the right work. If you can’t, neither will your customers.


Intuitive With Initiative

Everybody has to play their position, but all-star players are aware of the whole field. Your agency should be intimately acquainted with your entire business, and their part in making it a success. When your agency can find opportunities to add value that you never thought of, that’s when you know you have a winner.


Client. Client. Client.

It’s a service industry. But somehow, the industry is awash with agencies looking to serve their own interests over your brand’s. Something big and flashy just because it looks good on a portfolio may not necessarily be the work you need. A true partner will be all about getting you where you need to go.


Full Contact

You might make great friends with senior management and that’s certainly not a bad thing at all. The real work however, is usually getting done by the people in the trenches. An agency that lets you get to know them not only gets you familiar with the team working on your brand, they’ll put out better work because they like you.


Creative To The Core

This is what all agencies sell. If they’re not talking it up and backing it with action, nothing else matters. When you buy a car, nobody cares how beautiful it is, or how much you saved, or how friendly the salesman was if it doesn’t go from A to B. An agency without creativity is not an agency.


So there you have it. If your agency relationship is lacking, then the work will surely be too. Does your agency relationship tick all the boxes?

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