How Brand Performance Affects Brand Performance, Part II

Last time, we looked at how philosophies of feeling the role coupled with technological revolutions lead to golden ages in both acting and advertising. Because of these, we’ve seen bona fide works of effective and affective art from both disciplines. This continues to work out very well for actors, whose undoubtedly most important medium is […]

How Brand Performance Affects Brand Performance, Part I

Just what is ‘authenticity’ in a brand? To find out, let’s take a look at a craft that places authenticity as its holy grail. Acting.   Branding vs Acting Brands and actors actually have a lot in common. Both play a character, tweaked and interpreted to be as affecting and engaging as possible. This character […]

The 007 things James Bond taught me about branding

Every established brand knows the pain of growing old. All the things that have served them so well in the past start to lose their lustre, becoming less and less effective by the day. But the prospect of an overhaul can be daunting. Here’s a few things the £13 billion Bond franchise has taught us […]